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All In One Cleaning considers it an honor to be given the trust that puts the keys of our clients home and business into our hands, year after year. We understand that trust isn’t mere an honor; it’s a privilege. On the other hand, we wouldn’t have our client’s trust if we didn’t merit it.

In 1990, when we started All In One Cleaning, our initial goal was to provide quality of service to an often underserved field. Cleaning had been viewed by some providers as a just a commodity, while quality was neglected. We set out to right that wrong, to build a skilled team of cleaning professionals.

True, it may not have been what we day-dreamed of doing when we were young, but we take a great deal of pride in the service we provide. How many business owners do you know that get excited at the prospect of cleaning and waxing your floors? We believe we may be the only ones, and that’s just fine with us.

That’s much of what distinguishes All In One Cleaning from the “one-man band” cleaners or the large national cleaning chains. We actually are proud of what we do. We built our business from nothing, not to turn a quick buck, but to establish business relationships that have lasted, in many cases, for decades.

We’re not likely to be the cheapest bid you receive, but we always price competitively, and when you factor in the consistent quality of service we provide, nobody gives you a better value.