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Look out! No really, look out your windows. Look closely. What do your customers see when they look in at you? Are dirty windows giving a bad first impression?

If windows are dirty, water-spotted or even just smeary from the last time they were cleaned, they're not showing your best side.

Our dedicated personnel with years of service experience are trained to prepare the right window cleaning chemistry to cut through exhaust residue, lime deposits and grime. Using tested techniques our window teams glide over each pane, leaving behind only, clear, spotless glass. Less residue equals a clean that lasts longer between window washings.

From ladder-top to garden level, every corner of every window on the outside and the inside of your building gets the same degree of care.


Tile, Ceramic & Resilient
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Underfoot, but never unnoticed. Do your customers walk into your store across a gleaming expanse that says "Welcome... stay awhile"? When your employees come in to work each day do they step into a work environment that says you care about the quality of their work, and your own?

Floors are a huge portion of the professional environment. An unscrubbed, unwaxed or discolored floor sends the wrong message to both the public and your staff.

All In One Cleaning has been turning the grubby and stained into the gleaming and polished for as long as we've been in business. Whether maintaining freshly installed floors at a premium finish or restoring lack-luster, care worn surfaces to a like-new shine, proper maintenance is always a better economic decision than removal and replacement. All in One Cleaning will bring out the best in your hard-surface flooring.


all in one logo.tif wonderful stuff. It absorbs our heavy footfalls, it softens our workplace decor, it helps quiet the noise of office life. But when it starts to show traffic patterns and is two shades duller two feet from the wall, it loses much of its charm. Suddenly you realize the fabric on the floor is dirty, smelly and maybe a little frightening. What's down in there? You don't know.

Improperly maintained carpet wears faster, looks shabby, and affects the attitude your employees have about their work environment. Dirty carpet in public spaces will create a dingy, careless, out-of-date image in the mind of your customer.

Proper weekly maintenance by AIO’s cleaning professionals will go a long way to keeping carpet fresh. But there are no substitutes for periodic deep cleaning and stain treatment from All In One Cleaning’s carpet crew. The right machines, coupled with good chemistry and trained personnel keep carpets looking new, edge to edge.


Green Cleaning
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The way it used to be: The stronger and more dangerous a chemical cleaner or solvent was the better we thought is would work. Ingredient lists were a mile long with 20 syllable names we’d never heard of and still can’t pronounce. And we liked it that way.

Today, we know better. We’d like to keep our environment around for our kids. And really, who wants to walk 10 miles uphill both ways through a raging storm just to get to school? All kidding aside, the green revolution has begun. At All In One Cleaning, it’s something we’ve believed in and practiced for a long time.

If it doesn’t biodegrade, we’d prefer not to use it. If it’s toxic, we won’t subject our employees to it. We constantly review our methods and product to weed out anything that might toxify the interior spaces we keep clean.

Clean should always mean safe: safe to touch, safe to breathe, safe to work in.


Pressure Washing
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There’s just no substitute for power, especially when cleaning exterior surfaces.

Cement, metal, and wood take a beating from the elements and can start looking old in just a few years. Unwashed, they can begin to deteriorate. AOI’s power washing service is just what the doctor ordered.

Resurrecting your exterior finishes with speed and precision isn’t something you trust to just anyone; All One Cleaning will test a small hidden area of each project we take on to make sure that damage can be avoided.

Top power machines with trained operators will make short work of whatever stubborn grime is currently clinging to your facility. Carefully avoiding the fragile, they attack everything from road tar to grafitti, to reveal the original finish beneath.


Stripping & Waxing
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Imagine if someone scraped sandpaper across the painted walls of your house a thousand times a day. How long would the paint hold up? Yet, with the grit and grime of daily life on the bottom of their shoes, that's what the feet that cross your floors do every day. Sweeping, buffing and wet mopping help, but they can only do so much. Eventually embedded particulates and continual abrasion steal all the shine your new wax had only months before.

Different floors require different chemical strippers, refinishing processes, sealers and waxes. Each different stripping product is only compatible with certain sealers, those sealers are only compatible with certain waxes. Years of experience and careful training ensure that our floor refinishers apply the right stuff, the right way. Cleaned and buffed, properly cured and polished surfaces will help your floors live to their maximum lifespan.

Your floors may not be new, but they can look that way for many years with AIO’s weekly maintenance routine and periodic stripping and waxing.